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Population: 17,88,864
Landmass: 6,670 km sq.

Thiès is a region of western Senegal. The capital is also called Thiès.
 After Dakar, Thies is the second city of Senegal. Nearly 1,709,112 people in that territory which spreads over an area of ??6670 km2 with a density of 256 inhabitants per km2. Thies is the fire of terroir Léopold Sédar Senghor, the first president of the Republic of Senegal.
Main region bordering Dakar, Thies is the passageway between the capital of Senegal and other regions. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on both sides to the west and south west. Louga Diourbel and Fatick are these border regions.
The economy remains dominated by fishing, food crops and beach tourism precisely on the Petite Côte, frequented by tourists from every part of the globe. Phosphate is a mineral wealth of the region.

Amadou SY

  • Terms of Office: 28 Janvier 2015
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Governor current Thies , Amadou Sy is described by his minister as "a great servant of the state" . Civil administrator of exceptional class, it has in fact recognized experience as governor for leading, in turn, the regions of St. Louis, Dakar, Kaolack and Tambacounda . A course that allowed him to master the workings of local government , as witnessed by the Minister Daouda Diallo to service ceremony between governors and Amadou Sy Mouhamed Fall Thies . Coming from a family of herders and farmers, Amadou Sy has been investing today , task, by his minister , to act as a social regulator and manager of local development.
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