SENEGEL’s Platform is Designed:

  • To streamline the connection between public leaders and their constituents.
  • To create a space for aggregated, balanced information on public policy
  • To bridge the gab between all involved in the political process.

The Problem

Leaders who believe in democracy not simply as an electoral mechanism of gaining power, but as a means by which legitimate power is achieved and responsibly and accountably exercised on behalf of the people.
Elections are held in Senegal and those elected claim to represent the will of the people, and yet in their daily exercise of power Senegalese leaders tend to be oblivious of the needs, fears and aspirations of the people who elected them.

The Solution

Senegal must mobilize its resources. Only competent, honest, visionary and committed Senegalese leaders are likely to create the enabling environment within which such liberalizing process could take place.
Senegal needs leaders who respect and are respected, trust and are trusted, by those who elected them, and are thus secure and confident in their leadership.

Problem Solving


For many Senegalese, it is simple too time-consuming and too inefficient to engage politically and socially. Our goal is to change that by re-engaging the well educated, competent, and ethical Senegalese leaders.

Our Belief


We believe civic engagement extends far beyond a visit to the voting booth. SENEGEL facilitates an active, responsive relationship between the citizen and their government. SENEGEL is a data driven, ethically focused, and socially oriented organization.



- A one-stop connection to local, provincial, and national representatives.
- Credible knowledge and balanced aggregated information that helps citizens stay informed and make fact-based decisions about the issues.
- Digital opinion polls that enable citizens to be heard on important issues of the day--polls that make the citizen’s voice count.
- A citizen-advocacy portal to let citizens communicate directly with their representatives.



We enable the public to make informed decisions and take action. With SENEGEL, your voice is heard and your actions count!

How You Can Help?