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Population: 9,08,942
Landmass: 19,241 km sq.

The Saint-Louis Region of Senegal is on the border with Mauritania. Its capital is Saint-Louis.
 St. Louis is nestled between the Senegal River and the Ocean Atlantic. A fairly strong symbol native and from the region extending over 19 034 km2. The Louga and Matam limit the southeast and east . This area was until 1958 the capital of Senegal.
St. Louis was the leading destination for French settlers. The presence that strongly played in the culture of the region. The region has a rather unique architectural heritage , it was therefore classified in 2000 by UNESCO as World Heritage . In St. Louis is the third largest bird sanctuary ; Djoudj park that is also among the world heritages and the park of the language Barberie .
The region is also known for the jazz festival , international dimension.

Alioune Aïdara NIANG

  • Terms of Office: January 7th 2015
  • Birthday (Month, Date):
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Governor of the region of Saint Louis, Aïdara Alioune Niang is a civil administrator, graduated from the Ecole Nationale d'Administration (ENA). Previously prefect of Pikine department, he replaced since January 2015 Ibrahima Sakho at the head of the regional executive of St. Louis. Mission, the Governor Aïdara , expects to complete the projects for social cohesion , strategy development and security in the northern capital . In 2015, being still prefect of Pikine , he had to drive the commission evaluations of disbursements on the proposed extension of the Way of North Clearance ( Vdn ) up to Malika . Adept sports holding , the current governor of St. Louis, has personally invested in the organization of national track and field championships in the region in 2015 .
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