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Population: 14,97,455
Landmass: 4,824 km sq

The nearby city of Touba is an important asset for Diourbel . After Dakar and Thies , Diourbel is the third most populated region of Senegal with 1,402,082 inhabitants . The region experienced strong crowd at the Grand Magal of Touba , which is none other than the commemoration of the departure into exile of the founder of Mouridism . The legacy of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba to the brotherhood that Touba is idolized by the followers of the founder of Mouridism . This can have a direct impact on growth from Diourbel . Quite a number of Mouride elected their home city of Touba. Touba is Senegal's second economic city. Phenomenon that impacts at regional level.

The Diourbel Region is a region of Senegal. The regional capital is the city of Diourbel. The region corresponds roughly to the precolonial Kingdom of Bawol and is still called by that name.

Bawol (or Baol) is an ancient kingdom formerly ruled by the Joof family, one of the members of the Serer ethnic group found in Senegambia.The population is overrun by the Serer people especially those from the Cangin group, the Safene in particular.The Serers are believed to be the original inhabitants of this area.The Wolof and other ethnic groups are also present. The Diourbel Region is rich in history and it is where the Cekeen Tumulus are located. Some scholars such as Charles Becker, Henry Gravrand, Victor Martin among others, suggests that, these monuments were built by the Serer people and form part of the Serer tumulus of Baol (see also Senegambian stone circles). They are some of the most sacred sites in Serer religion. The Department of Mbacke also includes Murid Islamic Sufi order's holy city of Touba. The installation of this order in Serer country is a controversial one, especially among those Serers who adhere to the tenets of Serer religion (see Serer history (medieval era to present). However, some Serers are also Muslims and have headed this religious order.

Mouhamadou Moustapha NDAO

  • Terms of Office: May, 22, 2012
  • Birthday (Month, Date):
  • Accomplishments:
  • Assets:
Mouhamadou Moustapha Ndao is a Senegalese principal civil administrator. He is the current governor of the Diourbel region, a post previously held by Mamadou Ibrahima Lo. Arrived in 2012 at this position, Mouhamadou Moustapha Ndao thus became the 15th Governor of the history of the capital of baol .
Tags: Gouverneur de Diourbel
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