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Population: 5,66,992
Landmass: 11,262 km sq.

Kaffrine Region is a region of Senegal. It was created in 2008.

Kaffrine is one of the last regions created administrative division dating from 2008. Region , originally attached to Kaolack is located about 100 km from the former capital . The region extends over 11 181 km2 ie 3 times the area of ??Kaolack which it is derived. Kaffrine ranks of the sort among the large regions of Senegal. Kaffrine Senegal is the third region producing cereals and ranks first in production in peanuts. Crafts, trade and transport are also dynamic sectors of the economy. This young region is not well endowed with infrastructure. Kaffrine is a rather rural area that has a higher poverty index the national average. It is 63.8 % against 46.7%. {/lang}

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