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Population: 6,81,310
Landmass: 42,364 km sq.

Tambacounda, formerly known as Sénégal Orientale, is a region of Senegal. It used to be part of the Mali Empire before the borders were created to separate Mali from Senegal.
 It is southeast of Senegal that is the largest region of Senegal with an area of ??42 702 km2. Formerly part Tambacounda in eastern Senegal. The largesse of the territory that the density per capita is very low Km2. She is 15, while the population is 649 854 inhabitants .
Tambacounda is in a crossroads area, it has a border with four countries of the subregion. It shares 162 km of border with the Gambia in the west, 325 Km with Mali, 62 km north -east with the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Guinea Conakry delimits the south. Matam, Kaffrine , Kolda and Kédougou the borders respectively .
Economic activities are not developed in the region. Nevertheless, it has a few sites of tourist attractions, the park Niokolo Koba also a world héritage site by Unesco. {/lang}
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