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Population: 4,52,944
Landmass: 7,341 km sq.

Sédhiou Region is a region of Senegal. It was created in 2008.

Newly established region by Decree No. 008 of 2 February 2008, Sédhiou is at the center of Casamance. The region is chiselled by the Casamance River and a river. River branches that pose the problem of opening up the difficult access area. Sédhiou is one of the wettest regions of Senegal with 5 -month rainy season. The composition of the environment that the region is conducive to rice production, an asset given the objectives pursued by the government for rice self-sufficiency . Sédhiou also benefits economic, social and cultural dynamics . The region borders with Gambia and Guinea Bissau . It borders in the region of Ziguinchor in the west and the Kolda region in the east. The poverty threshold is high. Sédhiou also suffers from a serious lack of basic infrastructure .

Habib Léon NDIAYE

  • Terms of Office: Janvier, 27th 2015
  • Birthday (Month, Date):
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Leon Habib Ndiaye is a Senegalese civil administrator native Kagnoute ( Oussouye ) . He is the third governor of the young Sédhiou region. Now the head of the regional executive Sédhiou rose to Kédougou as prefect. He pledged to continue the efforts of his predecessor and to open new projects for the socio- economic rise of the region. " The path will be strewn with obstacles , but there is hope ," he suggested, on the day of his inauguration Sédhiou.
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