Mohamet FALL

Regions: Governor

  • Terms of Office: January 7th 2015
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Senegalese civil administrator Mouhamed Fall is a state official, forged under the territorial administration. This is in Thies that his career has taken off leading to the governance of Dakar. Arrived in the capital of rail in 2000 as prefect of the department, he was appointed governor of the region in 2006. However, that period coincided with moments of political turmoil on the case of sites Thies. But the current governor of Dakar managed to be equidistant from politics, as he recalls elsewhere when he passed the baton to Amadou Sy, his successor in Thies. Before landing the most prestigious post of territorial administration in 2015, Mouhamed Fall had held several senior positions. Thus he was head of political and trade union Affairs Division in the Ministry of the Interior and Public Security, then deputy governor of Dakar and finally prefect of the department and governor of the Thies region in 2006. And among its many challenges, there is high on the consideration of further institutional reforms and their implementation. Not to mention the proper management of the specificity of the capital, a reflection of Senegalese society.
Tags: Governance Dakar Senegal
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