• Mayor: Aliou SALL
  • 1st Deputy: Not Defined
  • 2nd Deputy: Not Defined



Aliou SALL

  • Terms of Office: 2014
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  • Accomplishments: accomplishments
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It was unknown to the political space of Senegal until the election of Macky Sall at the Supreme Judiciary. Aliou Sall, since it is from him that he is, is the brother of the president, elected mayor Guédiawaye the last local elections in 2014. His family membership had also sparked an outcry in the declaration of his political ambitions when the opposition cried nepotism. But nothing helped, Aliou Sall was able to win the elections department against Malick Gackou, politician and former number 2 of the Alliance for the Republic (AFP), which claimed capita strain Guédiawaye. Aliou Sall is a trained journalist at the Centre of Studies of Information Sciences and Techniques (Cesti). The 24th promotion, he left the Cesti in 1996 the graduation. Journalist fresh out of school, he knocked before being entrusted with the drafting of the Senegalese Democratic Party newspaper "Sopi Ak mix" including Idrissa Seck, former Prime Minister and Secretary General of Rewmi, was the patron. Position from which flowed his friendship with Wade. A change of government, the brother of Macky Sall pointed towards the Embassy of Senegal in PRC. Aliou Sall has been the advisor. The situation changed with the election of his eldest to the highest office mainly in local elections in 2014. Elected mayor Guédiawaye it is cumulatively president of Mayors of Senegal and President of local officials.
Tags: Maire de Guediawaye
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