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In 2009, when Khalifa Ababacar conquered the town hall of the city of Dakar. With these elections, a political career had just been on the horizon of the Socialist. Khalifa Ababacar became the first municipal judges, the executive body of the municipality. This changed the election of the prerogatives assigned to missions that were once assigned. One who had just been elected mayor of Dakar first made his works at the Chamber. Khalifa Ababacar was one of the youngest representative of the people. Epoque coinciding with the imposing presence of the Opposition directed this 1983 by Abdoulaye Wade. He will retain that member to post until 1993 when he joined the government of President Abdou Diouf hitch. First as Minister for Relations with Parliament. In 1998, he became Minister of Commerce in what was the last government of the socialist regime. The political career of Khalifa Ababacar was a stand-by in 2000. It was established with the political scene in 2001 when he returned parliamentarian. It was in that position until 2007, a period marked by the boycott of the opposition which he was, at that time, party in parliamentary elections. It is from this point that the political career of Khalifa Ababacar experienced a new twist that brought him to the mayor of the city of Dakar. At that time, he was under the banner of the coalition Benno Siggil Senegaal, formerly coalition led by Moustapha Niasse current President of the National Assembly. The changes noted in the political spectrum were behind the creation of the coalition "Takhawu Ndakaru". List by which the Socialist was elected the same number of mayors in the Dakar region during local elections in 2014. Khalifa Ababacar continues its conquest of political space. Some also describe him as a future candidate for the presidential election of 2019. Until then, it would have come to end disagreements that may haunt the Socialist Party.
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