National Agency for Agricultural and Rural Council ( ANCAR )

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  National Agency for Agricultural and Rural Council ( ANCAR )
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  • Address : Route des pères Maristes, Hann Maristes Dakar ,
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  • General Director: Issa Amadou NDIAYE

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    The National Agency for Agricultural and Rural Council (ANCAR) was created in March 1997 by the Government of Senegal with the support of the World Bank through the Agricultural Services and Producer Organizations (PSAOP) signed in 1999 which it is the component in charge of Agricultural and Rural Advisory Services. It has a status of a limited company (S.A.) under private law, with a minority public participation. Governed by the OHADA , it has a range of technical, administrative and financial , therefore , must from this point of view, sign contracts with public and private structures in the context of the exercise of his mission of Council agricultural and Rural (CAR).


    The objective of the National Agency for Agricultural and Rural Council (ANCAR) is to "promote, facilitate and manage agricultural and rural advisory service decentralized demand, allowing small producers to sustainably improve productivity, production, food security and income. "
    To this end, ANCAR plays a vital role in the promotion of agricultural technology innovation, development of good agricultural and rural practices (GAP), information and training for producers. It is involved in the majority of rural communities, covers all agricultural sectors and works with all social categories of agricultural and rural population.
    In line with the commitments made by the Government of Senegal in the Law 2004-16 of 4 June 2004 Orientation Law Agro-Silvo-Pastoral (LOASP) and the provision of Article 70 which gives ANCAR mission institutional animation and strategic management of the National System Board Agro-Silvo-Pastoral (SNCASP), the current phase of development of the CAR services ANCAR emphasizes:
    - Strengthening of technical, organizational and management of producers through training, information, awareness, linking or intermediation, support - consulting, research - development, etc.
    - Support for the promotion of private initiatives and the marketing of agricultural products to make agriculture an economically profitable business for the producer,
    - The improvement strategy of developing the efficiency and professionalism of agriculture and rural council by seeking funding niche and investment to support agricultural and rural entrepreneurship initiatives.

    To allow ANCAR better lead this mission, which positions it as an operational arm of the Ministry of Agriculture, and therefore of the State for the operationalization of the provisions of LOASP, the State of Senegal had agreed with the Bank World in 2006, during the negotiations for the establishment of the Agricultural Services and Producer Organizations (PSAOP II), firstly, of anticipating the strategy of sustainability of the Agency's resources (60% currently provided by the World Bank) by signing a performance contract for 2011-2013 (at the end of PSAOP II scheduled for 31 December 2010), and secondly, to design and implement a redeployment plan on seven (07) agro-ecological zones with the creation of seven (07) new area directorates instead of eleven (11) regional Directorates. This structuring of ANCAR is more consistent with the principles and guidelines enacted by the State for Agricultural and Rural Council backed the LOASP and accountable for its results to the professional agricultural organizations, including the SYNAEPS / JAPAANDO.

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