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National Council of Youth of Senegal ( NPCs )

Youth Movement
 National Council of Youth of Senegal ( NPCs )
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  • Address : Mermoz deuxieme Porte,
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  • President: Aliou SOW

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     The National Youth Council of Senegal (NPCs) is a platform that brings together national youth organizations. To ensure this representation, the NPCs has set up regional youth councils in all regions of Senegal .

    Senegal's National Youth Council is responsible for coordinating all projects and youth activities, to ensure youth representation in international decisions and missions. The NPCs are also defined mission to promote institutional strengthening and governance associative youth organizations. Civic education , technical and vocational is also central to the Board 's concerns.

     • coordinate all projects, programs and youth activities;
    • to ensure the representation of young people in decision-making and international missions,
    • promote institutional strengthening and governance of associative youth organizations;
    • participate in civic education, technical and professional young people;
    • promote scientific innovation and digital development for the benefit of use and promote healthy youth;
    • to stimulate and coordinate the participation of youth in community development actions, national or local interest;
    • maintain youth a spirit of environmental protection and nature;
    • develop youth health and fight against STI / AIDS and drug abuse;
    • to encourage its initiatives, relations of brotherhood, mutual understanding and cooperation between young people of Senegal;
    • promote equity and gender equality;
    • cultivating among young republican ideal, a secular spirit and belonging to one nation;
    • to promote them and other young people of Africa and the world, feelings of brotherhood and mutual understanding, particularly for strengthening the African Union;
    • Participate in the development of national policies and programs;
    • to work for the social, economic, cultural and sports of the nation;
    • to prepare together with the State and all partners, the involvement of Senegalese youth to national and international meetings;
    • to interface between youth and state institutions, local authorities, civil society, and development partners;
    • to support young people and their organizations to develop their capacity to intervene;
    • to promote the decentralization of decision spheres at all levels for a good harmonization of policies and programs;

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