Mandiogou NDIAYE

Constitutional Council: Membre

  • Terms of Office: 18 juillet 2013
  • Birthday (Month, Date):
  • Accomplishments:
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His appointment is notified to it by the Presidential Decree of 18 July 2013 following the death of Judge Mouhamed Sonko occurred in Paris. Mandiogou Ndiaye was first completed the term of his predecessor before starting his normally scheduled to end in 2021. Like his colleagues, the Magistrate strenna a course in the courts and tribunals in the country. Mandiogou Ndiaye was previously the representative of the Ministry of Justice being deputy prosecutor in Thies, Diourbel and Kaolack. Of prosecutor, he became the prosecutor in Louga and Ziguinchor. After seven years in office, Mandiogou Ndiaye was again assigned to the capital as the Attorney General of the Court of Appeal. The judge then landed in the Supreme Court by being first general counsel. Mandiogou Ndiaye was also the President of the Court of repression of illicit enrichment (Crei) where he was raised and replaced by Henri Grégoire Diop. Placed affection position as President, he then won the courtyard of the Constitutional Council. However, the course of the judge was marred by validating a controversial judgment. Mandiogou Ndiaye was opposing the bail granted to the respondent of a fraud case. It was splashed with the story that the investigation was conducted by the General Inspectorate of the Administration of Justice (Igaj). The investigation was conclusive for the Magistrate since putting exonerated.
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