National Agency for the Promotion of Investments and Major Projects (APIX )

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 National Agency for the Promotion of Investments and Major Projects (APIX )
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    It created an autonomous structure , attached to the Presidency of the Republic, called the " National Agency for Investment Promotion and Major Projects ". The Agency is to assist the President of the Republic in the design and implementation of the policy defined in the areas of investment promotion and major projects .


    a) Investment Promotion The Agency's mission is to identify and carry out the necessary programs and actions for the development of private investment. To this end, it provides or supervises in particular:    research and identification of investors;    promotion of Senegal as investment destination;    the reception and support of investors;    facilitating administrative procedures and approaches;    the permanent availability of economic, trade and technological information both in Senegal and in the embassies and consulates of Senegal abroad;   The assistance to the partnership. It also performs all the powers delegated to OWNERS by the texts in force, including the processing of applications for approval under the preferential regimes of the Investment Code and the status of free export enterprise. It can also make a proposal for the redeployment of administrative structures involved in the field of investment promotion. b) Major Works The agency is seized by the President of the Republic of the great works that are priorities and which it intends to directly oversee the implementation. As such, the Agency is responsible for conducting and monitoring on behalf of the State, Major Projects, the list is as follows:    Turnpike Dakar-Thies;    new Blaise Diagne International Airport;    City of West African Affairs;    standard gauge railway. This list may be revised or extended by order of the President of the Republic. Furthermore, APIX can support the implementation of other major projects entrusted to other structures, including the proposed new city, political and administrative capital of Senegal.

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