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  National Agency of Railways
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    It is established on 10 February 2005 by Decree No. 2005-98 administrative structure called the «National Agency for New Railway ", abbreviated «ANCF ".
    The Agency is attached to the Presidency of the Republic.


    The purpose of the Agency is in the context of the policy of development of transport defined by the state, coordinate and monitor the implementation of projects of new railways in Senegal. The Agency is specifically responsible for the following tasks:    Presenting a comprehensive development of the railways plane (passenger and freight);    Monitor, on behalf of the state, iron new paths realization of projects in Senegal;    Coordinate the work of different state departments and companies and institutions BPS speaker for the construction of new railways;    Develop relationships with national partners and foreign, public or private, likely to support Senegal in the construction of new railways;    Ensure consistency of new railway projects with land use policies with the NEPAD objectives and development plans of the railways on a continental scale;    Seek funding and organize partnerships for the construction of new railways.

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