Ministry of Tourism and Air Transport

  Ministry of Tourism and Air Transport
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  • Address : VDN Liberté VI Extension lots n°7 et n°8, en face du cimetière Saint-Lazare ,
  • Sector: Tourisme
  • Accomplishments:
  • Ministre: Maimouna NDOYE SECK

  • Directeur de Cabinet: Hamady SY

  • Secrétaire Général: Ousseynou DIENG

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  • Presentation

    Under the authority of the Prime Minister , Minister of Tourism and Air Transport prepares and implements the policy defined by the Head of State in the fields of tourism and air transport . The department headed by Ms. Maimouna Ndoye Seck.


    On tourism:

     • prepare and apply the laws and regulations relating to professions and tourism and hotel business.

     • It promotes guidelines for tourism and oversee the promotion, development and diversification. It provides overseas promotion of Senegal as a tourist destination. He especially encourages business tourism and luxury tourism.

     • ensures the promotion of the tourism industry. In respect of air transport: • It monitors the air transport and ensures its development and security in the dual perspective of competitiveness and the performance of its public service missions. It is responsible for the operation of all airport infrastructures.

     • It represents the state in international bodies in air transport.

     • Prepares the social rules in the field of transport and follows the social issues of the sector. • It is responsible for the development of airport infrastructure in the national territory;

     • Ensures quality. It ensures the coherence of infrastructure networks and airport equipment for better quality of service.

     • Develops technical rules for the construction of buildings and civil engineering works in airport matters and oversees their application. • It exercises the technical supervision of companies and public participation in institutions under its responsibility.

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