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Minister of Agriculture and Rural Equipment

  Minister of Agriculture and Rural Equipment
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  • Address : Dakar,
  • Sector: Agriculture
  • Accomplishments:
  • Minister: Papa Abdoulaye SECK

  • Cabinet Director: Dogo SECK

  • General Secretary: Lamine LO

  • Presentation

    The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Equipment is among the departments that are subject to the authority of the Prime Minister at its head Mr. Papa Abdoulaye Seck since July 22, 2014 .


    The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Equipment following the Decree 2014-873 of 22 July 2014 prepares and implements the policy defined by the Head of State in the field of agriculture and rural equipment. As such, it is responsible for putting in place a coherent framework for strategic planning, management and monitoring and evaluation of agricultural policies, strategies and programs. In order to achieve self-sufficiency and food security, it puts in place strategies and programs for increasing and securing agricultural production and improving quality. It promotes agricultural diversification, identification and development of promising agricultural sectors. As such, it ensures the availability of quality inputs such as seeds and fertilizers. It ensures the establishment of standby arrangements and intervention for good plant protection. It develops partnerships with producer organizations and funding agencies to promote increased investment in rural areas and empowerment of grassroots organizations. It promotes rural infrastructure and modernization of agricultural equipment. It is responsible for training and supervising farmers. He is responsible for agricultural engineering. He is responsible for research policy applied in agronomy. It oversees the application of the law of agro-forestry-pastoral orientation and alignment of instruments and mechanisms to ensure sustainable development, participatory and integrated.

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