Oumar Mamadou BALDE

Regions: Governor

  • Terms of Office: janvier 2015
  • Birthday (Month, Date):
  • Accomplishments:
  • Assets:
Oumar Mamadou Baldé is from January 2015 to the orders of the Matam Regional Executive. Senior civil servant by profession, he was replaced in this post Governor Sheikh Niane . Before reaching this consecration, the one that now is called governor is first passed to the prefecture of Thies. A department where he had to deal with several hot issues including the construction of the Dangote cements plant. It is also behind the decision of the continuing work of the cement plant after several months of suspension. Oumar Mamadou Baldé has also been granted the honorary citizenship of Thies by the municipal council of the commune.
Tags: Gouverneur de Matam
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