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Yang Yang




Moussa SY
  • Name: Moussa SY
  • Birthday (Month, Date):
  • Terms of Office: 2009
  • Accomplishments:
  • Assets:
  • : XX
  • : XX
  • :
  • Parcelles Assainies 416


Current Mayor Assainies Plots Moussa Sy climbed the ladder to reach this stage of political maturity. By the yardstick of his career, the Liberal worked as a clerk in the municipality of the town of which he is mayor today. These years of activism to Abdoulaye sides served him. Moussa Sy is since 2009 the mayor Assainies Plots. The populations of the locality have renewed their confidence. Indeed, the mandate of the mayor came forward was extended until 2019. The programs and policies of the town were again entrusted to it in June 2014. However, the political career of Moussa Sy is full of milestones that have not been easy for the opposition at the time, namely the Socialist Party which had undergone political change. The mayor of Plots Assainies was the initiator of the No. 9/2001 which established the special delegations for the management of regional, municipal and rural councils to local May 12, 2012. The amendment ended the hegemony of Socialist party on local communities. This strategy allowed Moussa Mbaye Ndiaye Sy to replace the post of mayor.