A Commitment to Ethical Practices and Good Governance

  • Name: Daouda Wadd SECK
  • Birthday (Month, Date):
  • Terms of Office: January 7th 2015
  • Accomplishments:
  • Assets:
  • : +221 33 966 70 60 / +221 33 966 70 61
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  • KANEL 125


It is in Dakar that Wadd Daouda Seck began exercising its functions in the territorial command. Service to the Ministry of Regional Development, it is, in August 2008, appointed deputy governor of the Dakar region for Development. On 2 February 2011, it occupied the position of deputy governor for administrative affairs. Two years later, Daouda Seck Wadd was going in the region of Saint -Louis. He had just been appointed deputy governor for administrative affairs. After six service, that is to say in June 2013, he left St. Louis for the Matam region. Wadd Daouda Seck was to take office in the department of Kanel where he had been appointed prefect. It will have three good early exercises in that department.