A Commitment to Ethical Practices and Good Governance

  • Name: Seynabou GUEYE
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  • : +221 33 947 35 85
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  • Guiguénéo 466


Seynabou Gueye starts to gain some experience in the body of territorial command as executive local state of Senegal. Deputy Governor of the region of Saint- Louis, it was installed March 24, 2011 as prefect of Goudiry department. It invited, however, the population of Goudiry to support it in carrying out its missions. «Help me help you, I think we will move forward," she told them. In April 2012, Seynabou Gueye left this part of eastern Senegal a department of the Dakar suburbs, Guédiawaye in this case. Third woman prefect assigned to this locality, it has given the department until 7 January 2015, when she returned to the interior. Seynabou Gueye is currently the Prefect of Guinguinéo department located in the Kaolack region.