A Commitment to Ethical Practices and Good Governance

  • Name: Fodé FALL
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  • Kaolack 126


Prior to joining the territorial command, Fode Fall offered his services to the Ministry in charge of Public Service. Following a nomination of the Council of Ministers of 13 August 2008 chaired by Abdoulaye Wade rose to the rank of Deputy Governor of the region of Louga. Fode Fall was in charge of development issues. The civil administrator will spend six years later in the Kolda region as deputy governor for administrative affairs. On 2 January 2014, it was then the turn of the Sédhiou region. This time, he won in rank since appointed prefect department Sédhiou. Fode Fall was, therefore, the third prefect of that department. One of these former colleagues described him as a person "easy to approach for those who want to work. But you will find in front of you if it is to apply the texts of the administration. " Fode Fall took office March 4, 2016 date that marks the beginning of his term as prefect of the department of Kaolack. To carry out the tasks assigned to him, the prefect called "all the organized segments of the department to join" him to keep the department in the path of emergence. "I could not succeed with your local populations and decentralized government. I therefore appeal to the commitment, partnership and cooperation of all "he had reiterated as a prompt.