A Commitment to Ethical Practices and Good Governance

  • Name: Souleymane CISSE
  • Birthday (Month, Date):
  • Terms of Office: Septembre 2014
  • Accomplishments:
  • Assets:
  • : +221 33 941 17 94 / +221 33 941 30 41
  • : XX
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  • Fatick 89


Arrived at the head of the governance of Fatick in 2014, Souleymane Cissé can be considered an expert of the territorial administration. Civil administrator profession, he received the starting Viviane Laure Elisabeth Bampassy promoted Minister of Public Service, the Rationalization of staff and the Renewal of the public sector, to land in the governance of the Fatick region. Despite this new appointment, now governor of Fatick region is not, however, into the unknown. Before disposing of governance, he was in command of the prefecture of Fatick Department. Souleymane Cissé has gone through several departments of Senegal as prefect , notably in Matam , in Kébémer at Bakel among others.