A Commitment to Ethical Practices and Good Governance

  • Name: Jean Baptiste COLY
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  • : +221 33 877 70 70 / +221 33 877 32 83
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  • Guédiawaye 112


Jean Baptiste Coly is responsible for the execution of administrative burdens at the local level. As permitted its function and role, he represents the executive branch in the department. The prefect of Guédiawaye first served as assistant governor of the region of Kaolack. He was responsible for development issues prior to being responsible for Administrative Affairs. Enriched by this experience, he was appointed prefect of the department of Bignona. Jean Baptiste Coly was officially installed in office by Léopold Wade then governor of the region of Ziguinchor. Bignona, he went through the department of Bakel. After two years, the civil administrator is appointed prefect of Guédiawaye replacing Seynabou Gueye, called to other duties. When he had to be installed in his chair in Bignona prefect, Jean Baptiste Coly promised loyalty, dedication and selflessness to the people "in all circumstances and in all places." A priesthood still relevant insofar as it always carries his delegate executive function Guédiawaye.