A Commitment to Ethical Practices and Good Governance

  • Name: Abdou MBOW
  • Birthday (Month, Date): 09 janvier 1976
  • Terms of Office: 2012
  • Accomplishments:
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  • Thiés 368


Born January 9, 1976 in Thies, Abdou Mbow is the fourth vice president of the National Assembly. It is to date the youngest deputy member of the parliamentary office. Current deputy spokesman of the ruling party, Abdou Mbow followed the political trajectory of President Macky Sall since 2008. Special Adviser to the National Assembly with the latter, he inherited the creation of Apr to President of the national coordination of Convergence of Republican Youth (cojer). Before the creation of Apr, Vice President of the National Assembly was affiliated with the colors of the Party for Progress and Citizenship (PPC) of Mbaye Jacques Diop, then those of the Senegalese Democratic Party (PDS) where he was spokesman of the Union of liberal youth Labour (UJTL). A graduate of the University Department of History of Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar, the native of Thies is currently the mandate to vice president of the Union of African young parliamentarians. It also provides communication Project Promotion des Jeunes (PPJ) in Senegal, supported by his journalism degree.