A Commitment to Ethical Practices and Good Governance

  • Name: Moustapha Cissé LO
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  • Terms of Office: 2012
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Moustapha Cissé Lô is a Senegalese politician and trader. Few graduate (a patent of Undergraduate Studies, BEPC), it is nonetheless pioneered in the Senegalese political landscape. Today, second vice president of the National Assembly, the movement of the Liberal leader Convergence for Citizenship and Work / Deekal Yaakaar, is part of the presidential movement. Born 28 December 1954 in Louga, the head of the Alliance for the Republic of Touba, a former agent of the National Cooperation and Development Assistance Office (ONCAD). By his militant past, Cissé Lô went under several banners policies in Senegal. He was first deputy from the Party for the People's Liberation (PLP), founded by Mr. Babacar Niang, then finds Socialist deputy of the city of Mbacke. After the alternation of 2000, he became Liberal under the dome of Abdoulaye Wade. Stripped of his Liberal mandate acquired in 2007, he resigned from the party Wade and Macky Sall joined to form the Alliance for the Republic.