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  • Name: Mamina CAMARA
  • Birthday (Month, Date):
  • Terms of Office: 2014
  • Accomplishments:
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  • Bignona 21


Former star presenter of weather in public television, the Senegalese Radio Television (Rts) Mamina Camara is a weather specialist. He was educated in a Russian school where it went engineer-meteorologist. On his return to Senegal, he was recruited by the Agency for Aerial Navigation Safety in Africa and Madagascar (ASECNA) as an engineer in weather. Mamina Camara remains in its sector. He engraved the ranks to become Secretary General of the National Agency of Civil Aviation and Meteorology (Anacim) of Senegal. After several years in the service of the national weather, Mamina Camara part in the search for a new field of activity. He landed, therefore, in the political spectrum. Admitted to the Alliance for the Republic (Apr), it quickly joined the circle of Republicans Frames & Responsible "apériste" in Grand Yoff, a suburb of Dakar department. In 2014, during the local elections of 29 June, expert weather was invested as Benno coalition's list of the Bokk Yakaar (Bby) in the department of Bignona. At the time of the election of the new County Council, the representative of the President of the Republic Macky Sall in the capital of Fogny (Bignona) is propelled to the head of the County Council with 41 votes out of 60. Mamina Camara combines, however , its departmental functions to the Vice President of the Association of Presidents of Councils of Senegal departments. .