A Commitment to Ethical Practices and Good Governance

Ministre des Forces armées
  • Name: Augustin TINE
  • Birthday (Month, Date):
  • Terms of Office: avril 2012
  • Accomplishments:
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  • : +221 33 849 76 12
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  • Place Washington Dakar 4002 Sénégal 49


Since April 2012, Augustin Tine holds the position of Minister of the Armed Forces. As stated in the decree of appointment, the Minister must ensure the operational level of the armed so that they are able to meet the requirements made by the President of the Republic who is the supreme head of the armed for defense. The current Minister of the Armed Forces had drawn a career in the medical corps of Senegal. Augustin Tine graduated from dental surgery at the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar. He served in the hospital El Hadji Ibrahima Niasse of Kaolack before setting out on his own. He held a cabinet in the same area after the resignation of the government. As Minister of the Armed Forces, he has to manage the crisis in Casamance, the movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance, demanding independence since 1982. The strength of the separatist movement has eroded throughout the years. Augustin Tine is a former activist of the Senegalese Democratic Party in the rural community of Fandène, from where it originates. He deserted the PDS, as a result of a disagreement with the secretary general of policy, Abdoulaye Wade. Macky Sall, secretary general of the Alliance for the Republic (Apr), the enlisted when his party was set font.